The AUTOMOTIVE division of CREATIQUE AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRY offers testing and control equipment mostly designed for the automotive markets.

These special end-of-line test benches are the result of years of in-house research that aimed to develop a common hardware and software base that could be adapted to clients’ different types of needs.

The hardware is constantly evolving and covers the standard and classic functionalities, while add-ons are studied case by case according to the specifics of the product being tested (connections, pinouts, features, etc.).

The software base, with sequences tests and interfaces with the factory (production line controller and/or centralized data processing), allows the user to adjust the settings for each test, to adapt it to changes in the products or the production lines.

The hardware is built on modular components managed by CREATIQUE AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRY, to simplify on-site maintenance (replacement of parts on a production line, followed by diagnostics and off-line repairs) and enable the gradual upgrading of machine stock.

Systèmes de contrôle et de pilotageShadow 2







Testing of Electrical Features

  • Pyrotechnics (airbags and seatbelt pretensioners): safe measurement of component and insulation.

  • Occupant (presence, ODS and seatbelts): measurement of components with and without load, with optional external actuator.

  • Ajustements (engines): current consumption in motion or simple detection of engine.

  • Comfort(HVAC, heating and ventilation): functional checks, with optional external sensors.

  • ECUs (engine, HVAC, etc.): communication checks, identifier checks and configuration.

Each measurement is compared to a tolerance thresholds that can be adjusted according to the feature being tested to determine if it passes the test.

Contrôle des fonctions électriques

Our testing stations are dedicated to the following sub-assemblies :

  • Car seats
  • Truck seats
  • ECU-based sub-assemblies
  • Dashboards
  • Door modules
  • Complete cabins

Examples of external testing and controls performed by our test benches :

  • Testing of component detection sensors

  • Testing of airflow sensors
  • Questions to the operator for visual verification
  • Control of SBR cylinders
  • Control of inflation of air bags with testing of airflow
  • Control of printers generating result stickers
  • Testing of motion sensors
  • Etc.

Benefits of our testing solutions :

  • Turnkey delivery
  • Standard hardware and software recognized by the market
  • Approval procedure at our plant with clients before installation on site
  • Possible installation abroad (Europe, North and South America, Russia...)
  • Support throughout the project life (product developments, additional features, etc.)
  • Possible secure remote control (depending on the product) for maintenance and user support