CREATIQUE AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRY, an electronics subcontractor with multiple skill sets.

CREATIQUE AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRY is involved with many business sectors, thanks to our INDUSTRY division, which focuses on the design and manufacture of circuit board and electronic assemblies for third-party companies.

By managing your circuit board and electronic sub-assembly design and/or manufacturing projects from A to Z, CREATIQUE AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRY can accompany you throughout the life of your product.

The characteristics of our machine stock and our employees’ expertise have earned CREATIQUE AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRY a reputation on the market for our responsiveness, our ability to meet our commitments, and the quality of our services.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Depending on our clients' needs, our services may include :

  • Assistance in defining your need and drafting your electronic and mechanical specifications
  • Feasibility study
  • Software development
  • Modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Pre-production runs
  • Small and medium production runs
  • Wire bonding for cabinets and control units
  • Integration of end products
  • Logistics management